The manner in which you divorce and the decisions you make during the divorce process will set in motion a model that will continue to impact you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Ret’d Family Court Judge and Certified Divorce Mediator, Helen C. Sturm understands the divorce process, its near and long term impact, and helps couples to hear each other, take steps to bridge their differences, and arrive at a fair and equitable agreement. Experienced, focused, and particularly sensitive to the needs of children, she works with clients in the New York Metropolitan area and adjoining counties who are dealing with divorce, separation, and other family law issues.

Her services include:

Divorce Mediation: 

Divorce Mediation is an out-of court proceeding that usually takes months, not years to resolve in which both parties work with a trained mediator concerning the issues involved in obtaining a divorce.  Mediation allows couples to exercise control of their lives by making their own legally binding decisions concerning their children and assets, and is a fraction of the cost of a traditional, litigated, in court divorce.

Uncontested Divorces:

Uncontested Divorces, like Mediation, are a method of obtaining an out-of-court divorce.  One of the main differences is that each party is represented by counsel of their own choosing to work with their respective clients to make legally binding decisions concerning their children and assets.  Uncontested divorces generally take longer to resolve than Mediation, and are more expensive, although still considerably less than an in-court, litigated divorce.

Legal Consultant:

Consultant Services are provided for pre-and post-divorce consultations.  Consultant services are also provided for an independent review of proposed Mediation agreements, Uncontested Divorce agreements, and review of Court documents and proceedings.

Parent Coordinator:

Parent Coordinators are experienced professionals who assist parents to resolve issues relating to their children’s custody and/or access.  Parent coordinators work with families who are experiencing difficulties concerning questions relating to their children’s schedules, medical, educational and social needs, both before and after divorce.

To learn more about mediation, uncontested divorce, parent coordination or your legal needs, please contact me at:  or  917.225.1811